Some 7,000 islands are scattered across the clear, turquoise waters of the Caribbean. What better way to explore them than from the comfort of Amanzi, your luxurious floating holiday home? Destinations such as the British Virgin Islands, St Barts and Mustique offer exclusivity, beauty, culture and exquisite cuisine in equal measure. Whether your priority is chilling out on deserted, white sandy beaches, sight-seeing or socialising, Amanzi offers the perfect Caribbean experience for every taste.

We do hope you enjoy browsing through our selection of varied island destinations. The only difficult decision you’ll make concerning your trip around the Caribbean is which islands to choose!

Enjoy sailing on the calm clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Amanzi offers the opportunity to sail in several different Caribbean locations. With a choice of a sailing holiday in the British Virgin Islands, St Lucia, St. Martin, Antigua plus many more, these destinations deliver a unique opportunity to experience a wide diversity of cultures through the spectacular scenery, colonial history and fantastic foods that are to be encountered on every island. Whether the priority is chilling out on fabulous deserted white sandy beaches, site-spotting or socialising, Amanzi has the perfect yacht sailing Caribbean experience for every taste.

We highly recommend the British Virgin Islands which has varied anchorages, exceptional fishing and diving and represents one of the best and easiest cruising grounds the western Atlantic has to offer.

With 50 or so islands stretching 35 miles it makes for an easy charter. The islands are a perfect getaway for a week long or longer charter, as each destination is only a few hours or less travel from the next. The water is usually tranquil, providing easy passages and the location is perfect for the serious diver or the beginner snorkeler alike. For the night owl, there’s a rich nightlife and the nature lover will not be disappointed by the serene seas and sparkling beaches.